Surfing the web can leave you unemployed

It comes as quite a surprise to me that many people do not know that their bosses can see what they are doing online.  I know bosses can since I can monitor all Internet activity on my home computers, but I do not.

Therefore, when using the computer at work, remember that it is not “your” network.  If you are connected to a network through a cable or wireless, the network owner can see what you are doing, and quite possibly figure out who you are.

Therefore, surfing the company’s Internet using your own laptop will not hide your Internet use.

Although you can fight the boss for wrongful dismissal, it may not be worth the effort.  When it comes to work, you are paid to work.  If the boss tells you to stop using the Internet, you should.  It is pretty hard to find another job when the reason for your firing is for excessive Internet usage at work.

Employees fired for Internet use at work

Bosses are allowed to fire workers for excessive Internet use.  This is allowed in New York, but other areas can have different outcomes.

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