Desktop computer hardware getting larger and hotter

Looking at the three computer hardware components below, I realized that everything is getting larger.

First, the motherboard has a large copper heatsink.  This copper heatsink will eventually either need a cooling fan, or constant air flow throughout the case.

Second, the latest RAM now has a heatsink.  This was not required on older RAM models.  Furthermore, cooling fans are available separately that will attach to the heatsink.

Finally, some of the latest video cards take up two PCI slots.  The video card actually only fits into one slot, but because the heatsink is so big, it fills up another slot.  If you wanted to add a fan, that would be three PCI slots filled.

With the chip manufacturers trying to make things faster, they are inadvertently making things bigger in the process.

Currently, I am debating on how to keep future computers cool and quiet.

Will using an intake and an outtake fan be enough to keep it cool, or will I have to mount fans on the side panel too?

I will have to look around and see if anyone figured out a way to keep it cool and quiet without breaking the bank.


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