Braces or removing extra tooth or teeth

At the age of 22, I decided to get my extra teeth taken out.  I had three extra teeth in my mouth.  Two were in the front and looked like fangs in front of my other teeth, and one was in front of my bottom teeth.

My dentist recommended that I get braces and realign my teeth, but I could not afford it.  Therefore, I chose to get the extra teeth removed.

I had dental insurance, but it only covered extractions.  Therefore, that is what I did.

My teeth are not perfect like the celebrities I see on TV, but I can floss and brush properly now.  Furthermore, I actually feel better knowing that I do not have teeth that obviously grew out in the wrong areas.

4 thoughts on “Braces or removing extra tooth or teeth”

  1. That would have been nice, but we were poor.

    I found out from a friend that some universities that teach dentistry do take clients and will do it for much cheaper. If I had known about that, I would have gone there to see if I could afford the braces.

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