All-in-one office solution

For those workaholics that need to keep on working even when he/she has diarrhea or the munchies, this is the perfect solution.

Many of us probably come back to work after being sick for a day or two to see an unusually large amount of work on the desk that needs to be completed.  Therefore, taking a day off or a lunch break is not an option.

Furthermore, how much time is an employee spending on the toilet during working hours?

Time is money, and when it comes to business, time spent on non-work related tasks reduces productivity.  Therefore, this is a good idea.

Workaholic or not, we gotta like this idea.  It is funny, but actually having this around will not be very funny.

I wonder if offices will have “designated cubicles” for these hard working individuals?

The ones that do, I salute you.

Real workers do not take breaks

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