500GB DVD’s? What will the future look like?

I have seen many computers with multiple monitors connected to one computer.  This is something that will change for something better.

As the sizes of the medium increases, so do the quality of the software.  Therefore, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing monitors in a 3-D shape.

The monitor will have a screen on all six sides.  Looking into the monitor you will see everything in 3-D.  The Windows icons will be floating inside the monitor.

You can walk around the monitor and see the icons from the front, sides, top, back, and the bottom.  Putting icons behind or in front of another will not hide the icon.  You can actually place icons a cm away from the other icons.  Hiding other icons is possible, but you will have to place the icon flat against the icon you want to hide.

I have seen games that emulate this 3-D behaviour, but I have not seen any where you can walk around and see it from all directions.  Therefore, when this product becomes affordable, it will come as no surprise when the next operating system and hardware utilizes the space available.

500GB holographic storage

3D monitors – Still in early stages

A Linux 3D software called Beryl

For those interested in 3D LiveCD’s, there are some available to try.  You can do a search for 3D liveCD.  These will run off a CD and do not need to be installed to work.

Looking Glass 3D by Java

LiveCD can be downloaded from

This is a version that is available for both Windows and Linux.  This is NOT a liveCD.  This is only if you want to install it.

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