Register a top level domain(tld) name

.com, .net, .org are well known domain names.  Therefore, when we start seeing .staples, .beach, . computers, and others, what must we think?

It is something that is in the works at ICANN.

Registering a top level domain name is not cheap, and it is regulated, therefore, I do not think that we will be seeing millions of TLD squatters popping up in the next year.  Trademarked names cannot be registered.  Nevertheless, I am curious to see how it works out.

There are skeptics saying that a custom TLD will create confusion on the net, but I doubt that.  TLD’s, from my point of view, will be more trusted, if they are from TLD’s that we already know.  For example, .com, .net, and .org.  If I see staples.bus or, I will question if it is Staples the office supply store.  I have been so used to seeing .com’s that I rarely visit any others.

In any case, I cannot predict what the future holds, but I am fairly certain that custom TLD’s will not be a big issue.

ICANN new gTLD  program

HP wants to purchase .hp top level domain name.

TLD’s currently registered.  They are also one of the Internet administrators.

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