My collection of error messages and wallpaper

ASecurePC’s 404 error message

Naughty, Naughty computer. Cover your shame.
I told you many times that you are not impenetrable.
Maybe now you will keep your panel on.
You have apparently managed to break into a secure PC dot com.
The page that you are looking for is not in a secure PC dot com.

Perhaps you are looking for:

* AsecurePC’s main page
* AsecurePC’s XP security tutorials
* AsecurePC’s Ubuntu tutorials

If you clicked on a valid link, but the link is broken, please write a note to David with the location of the broken link to



APrivateBeach’s 404 error message


APrivateBeach’s database error message

A private beach’s database is busy.  Please try again in a few seconds

My desktop wallpapers

It is true.  A Picture adds 10 lbs.  I will have to find a way to shed the pounds.



For those looking for these penguin desktop wallpapers, do a Google search for tux wallpaper.  This is the Linux OS mascot.  There are seemly an endless supply of neat wallpapers to download online.

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