Many dentists will be unemployed in the near future

A toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, and a dentist are the tools required to keep your teeth healthy and clean.  Therefore, I wonder what kind of lifestyle will we live when it becomes possible to eat anything and never worry about tooth decay again.   We can wake up in the morning without having to brush, floss, and rinse ever again because our teeth are immune to decay.

If we overlook the fact that this anti-tooth decay will throw many people out of work, this can have some benefits.  For example, there will be no need to pay for dental coverage.  We can save the money from the teeth cleaning supplies and buy some other stuff that we really want.  We can also eat sweets without worrying about tooth decay.

Therefore, I look forward to the day when this anti-tooth decay product comes out.  I love to eat.

Hopefully, they will also find a way to keep teeth white.  I love coffee and tea.  Unfortunately, they always stain my teeth.

SMaRT technology that will make teeth healthy forever

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