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I have seen many websites make money by putting advertising on their sites, but this often requires the owner to purchase a domain. Furthermore, the amount of revenue generated often is not enough to pay for the domain.

Therefore, this came as quite a surprise.  The concept of profit sharing with the user is not new, but the idea of allowing high traffic sites to feature an article submitted to Triond is new to me.

From what I am reading, many users are making money. The question I have to ask is how much unique content are they submitting daily?

The reason I question that is because the way search engines work.  A website that is updated more often will be ranked higher in searches.  Furthermore, the material published must have decent grammar.

Search engines apparently do know how to check for various grammatical errors.

Therefore, a website that publishes new unique, grammatically correct material every hour will be ranked much higher than a website that publishes new unique, grammatically correct material every day.

In the end, I like the idea of having my own domain.  I can make more money if I posted articles on Triond, but I find owning a domain name more fun.  Furthermore, it is getting more and more difficult to find a decent domain name.

I spent about a month searching for some easy to remember and decent .com domain names. and were the best I could find.  Therefore, in my humbled opinion, writing material for your own websites is better.  You may not get as much money, but you may learn more about owning and running your own domain.

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