Funeral costs gone through the roof

I often wonder how long it will be before we find that burial plots will cost more than a house.  It is something that many do not like to think about, but careful planning can prevent your loved ones from suffering with the financial burden for years after the funeral.

For me, I prefer cremation.  It is cheap and quick.  An alternative that should be looked at for people on a budget.

There are cooperatives or societies, such as the one in Quebec, Canada, that gives you the advantage of saving money on the costs of a funeral.

Therefore, young or old, you should think about becoming a member.  The inexpensive one-time membership fee is  for one lifetime membership.

For those in other countries, there may be be a funeral cooperative or society in your area.  Therefore, you should do a search online to see where they are.

Quebec funeral cooperative

BC funeral society

China’s poor unable to pay for funeral costs

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