Advertising that makes you wonder

After looking at the ads posted on this blog, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  There is something that has to be said though.  When creating advertisements, people often look at them when they are interesting.  Therefore, advertisers create ads that demand attention.

Unfortunately, not all ads get the desired results.

I believe that these ads are really good in the sense that they crack me up.  Nevertheless, these ads could have been created that way on purpose.

People often remember the things that are funny and/or idiotic.  They will gossip about how funny and/or idiotic it was with others.  Therefore, could this be the purpose of these ads?  To be spread by word of mouth since they are so hilarious and/or idiotic?  To be remembered because they are so unforgettable?

I still remember the advertising commercial for a car stereo shown on TV.

You hear loud music playing, and a bridge swinging wildly with a car in the middle of it.  A man is running across the bridge to the car.  He opens the car door and turns off the music.  The bridge stops swinging and is perfectly flat.  He then apologizes and drives off.

That is one commercial I will never forget.

Advertising designed for women

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