A career that will last a lifetime

For those wondering what career path will lead to permanent employment, you will have to look into what cannot be outsourced.

Many career choices are available, but there is one career path that, I believe, will provide you with peace of mind.

When you look at how the world has changed over the years, you will realize that there is one type of worker that is always needed.  It does not matter how advanced technology becomes or how primitive the tools are.  It does not matter how everything will become automated.  The end result is always the same.

The need for more repair people.

Robotics, computers and automation is the future, but somebody has to fix them.  Furthermore, when you look in the history books, a repair person is always needed in every period of time.

Therefore, when someone mentions that a career in trades is a viable alternative, he/she is right.  When I see the roads, there are probably always people filling potholes.  When I see the buildings, there is probably always something that needs to get fixed immediately.  It could be an electrical or mechanic problem.  When I see a business, there is probably always some fridge, freezer, or heavy duty tool that needs to be fixed.

In the end, I visualize a country where there will be only one type of career left that will not be outsourced.  A career that requires an actual human being to be there in person to do the job with his/her hands.

It is possible that a repair person can be flown in from another country, but I am pretty sure that when it comes to melting ice cream, a local person will have to do.

Being a handy person is not a bad thing.  Love your tools.  They may change and become more sophisticated, but in the end, they will be with you for the rest of your life.

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