Open any lock without a key in seconds

It should come as no surprise that key locks in doors can be easily opened.  Therefore, why do we even use it?  They are used to keep the honest people honest.

Doing a search for an electric lock pick, will give you several places that will sell you legal automatic picking tools.  Yes, they open locks without much skill.

Apparently, learning how to lock pick is encouraged in some areas because of the fact that you may lock your key in your car, business, and/or house.  Calling a locksmith is expensive, but necessary if you cannot open the door.

Therefore, if you want the best security, invest in a good fingerprint and retina reader for your doors.  It may cost you an arm and/or a leg, but nobody can put a price on safety.

There is even an organization that picks locks.  They have yet to find a key lock that they cannot open.  A scary thought.  They can pick any key lock.

Lock picking organization

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