Noisy hard drive

My computer is as silent as I could make it.  Unfortunately, the hard drive was noisy.  It is not noisy in the sense that you can hear the drive read/writes, but it was squealing when the computer is turned on til the computer is turned off.

Using several hard drives, I can tell when the noise level is too much.  Furthermore, it was a backup hard drive that did nothing.

Therefore, I took it out and did some testing because I thought that the problem was not the drive, but the way I screwed it into the case.

I have a IDE or SATA drive to USB cable with a power cord that costs me about $20.  This allows me to connect the hard drive to a computer externally.  You can see the cable at

I put the hard drive on the table and turned on the power.

To make  a long story short, it is in my computer spare parts storage bin with a label that reads noisy.

This forum may help you when you decide to buy a replacement hard drive.

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