Ads being blocked in Firefox 3.0.7

I just noticed now that advertising is being blocked by Firefox 3.0.7 and IE 8.  Although this may seem like a problem for many, I do not mind this at all.

It is only a matter of time before this starts happening.  Therefore, will I close this website in the future?  No.

I developed this website for the purpose of sharing my knowledge with other users.  This is what I enjoy, and I will continue to keep this site up and running.

I still do provide help through forums and other means.  Quite often I will be faced with a problem that many others have also, and I will find a solution.  Therefore, I will post my solution there.

If I find that I am unable to pay the small fee to keep this website alive, I will use one of the free websites provided such as

Yes, I am prepared.  I reserved that name in case I have no other choice.

Therefore, I will not beg for donations.  I will not bombard visitors with advertising.  I will do my best to avoid doing that.

Firefox’s ad blocker

Internet Explorer 8 blocking ads

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