Laptop repair and maintenance

My Dell Inspiron 1501’s hard drive was dying.  I was unable to get Vista working.  There were some bad sectors on the hard drive.  Therefore, I had to replace it.  Luckily, it was an easy fix.  I took out one screw and popped it out.

Cleaning out the laptop was also simple, but time consuming.  You have to take the whole laptop apart to clean the inside.  Therefore, I highly recommend reading the instructions before you decide on cleaning the inside of a Dell 1501 laptop. You may find that you may need to write down where the screws go.  I took out 15 screws of varying lengths.  I highly recommend writing down where the screw belongs.  For example, keyboard screws, monitor screws, DVD drive screws, and case screws.

If you need to replace the hard drive, RAM, battery and/or DVD drive, these can be done in five minutes or less.  Furthermore, I recommend looking at the prices from various computer stores to see if their prices are cheaper for the purpose of upgrading.  In many cases, you can save some money by purchasing additional RAM from another computer store instead of the original manufacturer.

After doing this, I realized that Dell has made it very easy to upgrade some parts.  Next time, I will know what to do before buying a laptop.  Compare the prices for the easily upgradable parts.  I may find that replacing parts from another computer store is a better alternative.

Instruction manuals for various laptop vendors can be found at

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