Paid to vacation

The one thing that does not cease to amaze me is the unlimited opportunities to make money.  I often wondered how companies make money online when nobody buys anything from the advertisers.  I remember about eight years ago, a man told me he was making $500 a month by doing nothing.  At first, I thought he had a business and hired staff to run the show.  That was not the case.  He mentioned the Internet.  Back then, I had no idea what he did.  Now I know how it is done.  He bought a commonly searched domain name such as and put high paying advertisers on the page.  Back then, popups were not blocked, so that is how most people make their money.  They got paid by the number of impressions per page, or IPP.

You have to think about it.  I wonder if God is online?  Type  It is something that very few people thought of before.  I did some searches on others and got the same result.  All the names that people may be curious about are taken.,,, etc.  The list goes on.

I wonder what the next bubble will be where people can make easy money.  I, and I am pretty sure most of you, will be watching for the next bubble to form.  The next bubble may be our winning numbers.  At least, that is what I am hoping.

The article related to this can be found at  He used Youtube to make money online.  He recorded his vacations and posted the videos on Youtube.  Now, he gets paid to vacation.  There are still many ways to make money online.  The question is how.

From what I am seeing, what holds us back is the fear of failure.  We all hate the idea of spending money to try to make money.  The reason is failure.  If it fails, the money is gone.  I believe that it may seem like wasted money, but at least you tried and now know what works and what doesn’t.  There is no shame in trying.

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