3D Printing coming to your home

This is one neat printer.  Unfortunately, I would rather use a regular color printer.

When it comes to printing, I print documents, pictures, and other 2D stuff.  It would be nice to print some documents that have slightly raised print, but that is all I really need.

I am pretty sure that when it comes to homework, the teacher does not want a one page, three inch thick assignment.  Therefore, the printer’s usability for a home user is limited.

Furthermore, the CPP(cost per page) will leave many owners questioning if this printer is really worth the money.  A laser printer costs about three cents to print a page.  This printer will probably cost two dollars to print a three inch thick page.

Since this printer needs to print layers, it takes time to print.  Therefore, the electricity bill will be higher.

If this printer is priced under $500 and the CPP is less than 10 cents per page for a flat full-page picture, I will consider buying one.  In the meantime, I will stick with the good old color laser printers.


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