Why video games are getting larger every year

When you buy a video game, it is always on a larger medium.  Back in the day, games used to be able to fit on a 1.44MB floppy.  Then they got larger and some games can be as large as 8.55GB or more.  Therefore, why are the games so big?

The answer lies in the eye candy.  Let us take a look at a game that comes in two versions.  A text only version, and a pictures version.

The text version of GearHead is about 4MB in size.  A sample of a game with no graphics is shown below.


The GUI version of GearHead is about 9MB in size with the pictures totaling about 4MB.  Therefore, the GUI version is 5MB in size without the pictures.


You will notice that the GUI version is much nicer.  The pictures used are non-animated gif images.  Now, if the game creator decided to implement various small movie scenes, or animated gif’s, this game will get much larger.

Now lets look at the games now.  What do you notice about them.  The pictures are like a small movie.  If you are able to look at the pictures, you will notice that the pictures can take  up to 90% or more of the disc space.  Yes, they are big.

Therefore, when you buy some of the newest games and notice that the game is 100GB in size, remember that you are not buying a game, but a game/movie.  Furthermore, the quality and the size of the game/movie is becoming more and more better every year.

If you want to see a good game/movie, check out Mortal Combat’s various movie clips on YouTube.  The newest Mortal Combat games have some impressive movie scenes.

The applications and Operating Systems are the same way.  The nice eye candy adds to the program size.  Eye candy is good.  It makes everything look pretty.

GearHead, a free open source game, can be downloaded from http://www.gearheadrpg.com/

If you want to see some really neat text-based games, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike has a list of free games to download and play.  There is no graphics, so the player has to imagine the pictures.

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