Printing from Linux to a Samsung CLP-315 Printer or Linux Printer

Using CentOS, Fedora, or any Red Hat Linux based operating system, printing from the Internet may not give the desired results.  Therefore, I had to find an alternative.

In order to print from the Internet, you have to print to a file first in PDF format.  After you do that, you can print the PDF file to the Samsung CLP-315 printer.

NOTE: The CLP-310 is identical to the CLP-315.  The only difference is the color of the case.  Therefore, if one driver don’t work, try the other.

If one wants to try to install the native Samsung driver, please read the notes at  The notes relating to installing the Samsung native drivers.

If you want to get the driver for the Samsung CLP-315 printer, you can get it from  In order to compile and install the driver you have to install some programs first.

In order to install the printer, open a terminal window and log in as root.  The command is su – After you log in as root, type in yum install make gcc wget Follow the prompts, and you will see a bunch of lines.  After it is complete, you can follow the install documentation on the website.

In some cases, you will have to reboot to get the printer to show up in the list of printers.

Many printers that say that they work on Linux are usually compatible with Red Hat.  Therefore, it may be quite possible that your printer is compatible with any Red Hat Linux based operating system such as CentOS or Fedora.  Debian Linux is also Linux, but I have found that not all printers are compatible with it.

The main linux distributions fall into two main categories.  These are Debian and Red Hat.

Debian Linux(deb) is used in Ubuntu Linux and Mandrake Linux.

Red Hat(rpm) is used in Fedora Core Linux and CentOS.

Therefore, if a printer says Linux compatible, try it with both Debian Linux-based and Red Hat-based distributions.  You may find that the Linux printer will work with one, but not the other.

My list of favorite distributions

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