Jobs that are not impacted by a recession

When it comes to work, you often have to think about what happens when there is no more work available.  Many jobs can whether a recession, but which ones?

If you think about it, businesses, office buildings, malls, condos, and other buildings have elevators and/or escalators installed.  If this gets broken, it has to be fixed.  If this does not get fixed, people who cannot use the stairs will not be able to go up or down.  Furthermore, a lawsuit could be filed if a building is not wheelchair accessible.  Therefore, elevator mechanics will always have work.

Accountants always have work.  Businesses must submit their documents to the tax man to be reviewed.  This is currently one of the safest areas.  I have yet to see a business that has no accountant.

In any case, there are many jobs that can whether a recession, but do they appeal to you?  The complete list can be found at,8599,1858773,00.html

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