Clothing sweatshops then; gaming sweatshops now. What is next?

At first, I thought it was a sweatshop that churned out video games, but I was wrong.  It does not surprise me that this is used to make money.  I have seen sites that sell online RPG characters for cash.  I believe that Neopet accounts will lots of virtual money were sold for $20US or more.

There are lots of people out there that will buy these accounts.  If you think about it, to pay someone $50 for a character that would have taken you six months of playing in front of a computer for eight hours a day/seven days a week to create is a good deal.

Although, I do not think that you should be telling your kids that they can eventually sell their account for real money.  This may turn them into compulsive online gamers.  The last thing you want to see is your son/daughter playing a game all day long.

It surprises me how people make money.  The global market is changing the way we do things.  We no longer need to go to an office to do a job.  In many cases, we can do a job from home.

I am waiting for the next generation of technology.  Where a doctor can perform surgeries from anywhere in the world.  All he/she has to do is put on a pair of electronic goggles.  The goggles will be connected to a robot in another location that will mimic the doctor’s every movement.  He/she can perform the surgery as if he/she is actually there.

This sounds impossible, but at the rate technology is advancing, this may be the next technological breakthrough.

I wonder what the sweatshops of the future will be?  I am not sure, but I will keep my ears open.

Gaming sweatshops in China can be seen at

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