Average house prices in North America and the World

One of the things that I like to look at is the price of a house in various areas.  It is interesting to see how prices differ.  I remember telling a friend that the houses over there are cheap, but he said that there is no jobs there.  Therefore, there is probably a good reason why the houses are cheap in specific locations.

I thought of working in an area with very high house prices, and then moving to a location with very cheap houses when I retire.  This would be a good idea.  It does not matter if there are any jobs.  You are retired and do not need to work.

Furthermore, since the house is cheap, you can enjoy retirement.  Unfortunately, this may not the case.  I have noticed that there are some locations where other stuff that are needed are very expensive.  For example, food, heating, electricity and other necessities can be very expensive.

In any case, you should do some research before you decide to move elsewhere.  You may find that your too cheap to be true retirement home is situated in the middle of a natural disaster area that is leveled three times a year.

American average house price

Average house prices around the world.  You will have to chose the area.

American average house prices over the years

Canadian average house price

Average house prices around the world.  This information is not 100% correct, but it is interesting.

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