Windows Vista versions comparisions and the bleak future

I have Vista basic installed in my laptop with Ubuntu.  Like most if not all other people, I had to use a function that I rarely use.  Behold, it was not there.

What happened?

Apparently, Microsoft decided to put that function into the more expensive editions.  The function that I was looking for is the 56K modem fax feature.  This is only available in the Business and Ultimate editions.

So what was my solution?  I unplugged my tower case in the other room, and dragged it into this room that has a phone cable.  I sent my one page fax.  Then I dragged the tower case back into the other room.  My other computer has Windows XP Professional and Ubuntu installed.

After doing this, I decided to look into what happened.  There are several pages of complaints and people looking for answers on how to send a fax in Vista basic and premium.  There is no free solution.

Therefore, before you decide on getting another Microsoft OS, you better look for a comparison chart of the different versions.  It would not surprise me if they took out something that is rarely used.  I believe that Microsoft may be keeping track of how people use Windows.  After all, we did install their OS.  I am also pretty sure they have the ability to keep track of what Windows functions are often used by the people.  If you look online, you will notice that someone is keeping track of what browsers, OS, and other stuff people are using.

Microsoft’s source code is closed, therefore, nobody can prove that there is code written for the purpose of sending information about our usage patterns.  The ones who can prove probably work for Microsoft or their allies.

I love Windows because Microsoft is watching me.  I worship Windows.  If Microsoft decides to punish me, I know I did wrong and deserve it.  An excerpt from George Orwell’s theoretical future book, 1984 – Microsoft edition.  The actual book summary is available at

For some reason, I am now scared of what the future holds.

The different editions of Vista compared

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