Look rich without breaking the bank

I never imagined a store like this existed in Canada.  It is apparently true that there are people out there who can afford to pay $2000 for a purse, or $10 000 for a suit in Canada.

Therefore, I questioned, if I made a clothing line, and charged $10 000 for a pair of pants, would it actually sell? There are people out there willing to pay the prices.  Furthermore, kids are quite knowledgeable about the various expensive name brands.

Unfortunately, ordinary people are not willing to pay these kind of prices.  Although, it seems that these items sell for a premium for a reason.

  • Better quality material, workmanship – Products that are more expensive usually will not shrink and will hold up better over time.  Furthermore, the fabric is often thicker and of a better quality.
  • Made in rich country- The cost of labor is always an issue.  If you buy a pair of jeans made in Japan, Canada, USA, or some other rich country, you will always pay more.
  • Pre-shrunk – These clothes are already washed several times to ensure that they will not shrink.
  • Worn by famous people – When you see Hillary Duff wearing that dress, you also want to wear that exact dress made by that designer.
  • Advertising – You see the ads where a man is wearing nice clothes adored by hot women.  Apparently, this works.  Clothes advertised like this can be sold at a much higher price.
  • There is a market – Obviously, if nobody buys it, these stores would not exist.
  • Limited edition – I have seen button dress shirts on sale for $400 because there are only 50 of them available in the world.

There are probably more, but I cannot think of any off the top of my head.

I have wandered inside some of these high-end stores.  Since I cannot afford them, I just look at the price tags and examine the products.

I often wonder what the markup on these clothes are.  A markup of 10% is pretty good.  You can make a $1000 profit from selling one pair of $10 000 pants.

One day, I should try opening a clothing store and sell only outrageously expensive name brands.  Of course, I will have to find a location that is frequented by the rich.  Furthermore, I should mix in some cheaper clothing lines in there, and see if I can sell them at a premium.

I should also open a clothing store that sells clothing that appeal to teenagers.  These clothes will be similar to the expensive name brands but cheaper.  The difference is the price is set so that the not so rich teenagers can afford them.

In the end, I believe that you have to have a good eye for quality and price.  You can get the exact same product at a much cheaper price, but not the same designer.  Quite often clothing are manufactured by the same company, but have different name tags.

Therefore, to save some money, you should get an inexpensive shirt and replace the name tag with one of the famous designer’s name tag.  You will have to get a sowing machine, fabric and whatever else that will allow you to duplicate the designer’s name tag.  This is illegal, but if you use it yourself, nobody will know. Furthermore, that is the first thing people look at.  Who made it.  The clothes may look ugly, but a reputable name makes it look much better.

I am certain that sowing machines will get to a point where they can be connected to a computer and duplicate anything.  Actually, this may already be available.

I am pretty sure that when you buy an expensive name brand, you are actually paying mostly for the name.  Therefore, is it really worth it?

A high-end clothing chain located in Canada


Difference between expensive and cheap clothing


This sewing machine will allow you to do custom designs from a computer.

You can see the actual website at http://www.brother.ca/en/sewing/index.asp

You can see it at a trade show at http://www.imaging-resource.com/EVENTS/CES07mrp/ces-tuesday.htm#bro

You can see a list of products reviewed and their verdicts at http://www.wnetwork.com/tv_shows/shows/The_Shopping_Bags/product.asp

I wonder how long it is going to take before we can make our own clothes.  Just pick jeans option with custom designs and patterns.  Press make button and come back tommorow.

Forget cheap labour.  We will be able to make the clothes at home.  A nice idea.

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