Things to know before backing up crucial WordPress 2.6.3 data

I have learned the hard way that many things should be considered first before backing up.

  • The exported database`s numbering system may change.  If you are using the export button in your WordPress installation, the actual page number assigned to that post maybe different.  For example, will become   In the beginning, I created and deleted posts.  I noticed that if I deleted page 100, the next page number used is 101.  Apparently, the database does not recycle unused numbers.  Therefore, restoring the database may cause the database to reassign new page numbers to the posts starting from one.  Goto Settings –  Permalink and change from the default to year, month and post name.  This should ensure that backing up the database will not result in broken links when restored.
  • Backup the pictures in the wp-content/uploads directory.  These pictures are not backed up automatically.  You will have to backup and restore this directory manually.  You may notice that alot of my pictures are gone.  I am trying to restore them.  The reference to them is still there, but the pictures are all gone.
  • Keep a copy of all posts created for today and yesterday.  Apparently, I lost the post created that day.  I had to recreate it.

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