Internet Providers give more than just Internet Access

When you purchase Internet access with a particular company such as Rogers, Shaw, Telus, Bell, Comcast, or Verizon, you quite often will get a lot more than just Internet access.  For example, most providers will give free antivirus, firewall, parental control, anti-spyware, webspace and email with Internet access.  Others may provide a free blog, private online file storage area, additional emails, and/or a wireless modem that enables more than one computer to access the Internet.

All providers listed come with some kind of Internet security package.  Some offer full protection while others offer selected protection.  They all also provide free web space and more than one email.  If you use dial-up or a package that is slower than high-speed, you may not get all the stuff mentioned above.

In any case, you should visit your Internet providers website to see what they offer.

A not-so-complete list of freebies to look for:

  • Antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-adware, parental controls, and other security programs.
  • Wireless or wired modem that will allow more than one computer to connect to the Internet.  Some providers will give another free modem if you have one that is too old and/or broken.  Furthermore, some hardware modems can be configured using your computer.
  • Web space with PHP support.  In most cases, if you web space supports PHP with a database, you can use any of these free open source web page creation tools at
  • Usually more than one email address is provided with storage space.  Many packages offer five or more emails with 10GB of space each.  Furthermore, you can access your email online.  Therefore, you can access your email anywhere.
  • Unlimited Internet access or limited.  In some cases, many providers will cap downloads and/or uploads.  The cap will vary by provider.

Rogers Cable in Eastern Canada

They offer a security suite from Norton.  You should also look into what else they offer.

Shaw Cable in Western Canada

They offer a webpage with PHP support.  It may be quite possible that you can get more than just a WordPress Blog working.  If you have the web space, you could get a full fledged Joomla website setup.

Telus Communications Select areas of Canada

Apparently, Telus now offers a PC health check program that will check your PC for security and performance issues free of charge.  A basic webpage is given.  No PHP support unfortunately.  Therefore, WordPress, Joomla, etc. will not work.

Bell Canada in Eastern Canada performance package or higher

This is a chart provided by Bell that will allow you to see exactly what you will get with every package.

Comcast Cable at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

List of packages available.  They give you McAfee® Security Suite free with every subscription.

Road Runner

They offer a free security suite.  I am unsure if it is a full package or just an email scan.  You will have to call to figure this out.

SBC Internet Services aka (AT&T)  at Washington, DC

They offer a free modem and unlimited Internet access.  I am not sure if this is standard with all Internet access providers in the US or some of them.  It also seems that they offer free full security software suite, but I could be wrong.

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