Flossing made easy

I floss my teeth daily, but I find the finger method too hard to do.  Therefore, I use a flossbrush.  I use one hand to floss while I use the other hand to read the news online.  I sometimes floss in the car if I have to wait a while.  Flossing takes no longer than five minutes for me.

This is a tool that makes it easy for children to floss too.  If your child is unable to floss properly, I recommend this tool.

I find that the unwaxed floss inside the handle shreds too easily, so I buy a pack of waxed floss to use.  I cut about 20cm of waxed floss from the package and wrap it it around the handle.

There is no real secret to wrapping the floss, but I find that the floss will come off if not tightly wound.  Therefore, I will give you my method.

  1. Hold the floss down on one end with your thumb.  Hold the end of the floss down on the grip between the hole and the cutter.
  2. Wrap the floss twice around the button below the fork.
  3. Wrap the floss around the fork tightly.  Not too tightly, or you may break the fork.
  4. Wrap the floss seven times around the button.
  5. You can remove your thumb from the end of the floss.
  6. Wrap the floss lightly around the cutter twice.  Do not cut the floss.  Use the cutter to hold the floss in place.
  7. Floss your teeth holding the floss with your thumb on the grip.


I find that if you do not hold down the loose end of the floss, it will unravel and make it really difficult to floss since the floss will be too loose around the fork.  That is why I use the cutter to hold the floss in place.  Furthermore, wrapping the floss too tightly around the button may pop it off.  I should know since I did that once before.

It works and makes flossing easy.

It seems that the flosbrush is becoming harder to find.  well.ca has a one available at http://well.ca/searchresult.html?x=0&y=0&keyword=flosbrush.  I have made a purchase for a flosbrush there since I am unable to find a store around my area that sells it.

Dentists have told me that finger-flossing is the best method.  Furthermore, using the flossbrush does not get the plaque under the gumline around the gaps of the tooth.  From the diagram below, one will see that the finger-method allows one to wrap the floss around the tooth while the flossbrush does not.  Therefore, finger-flossing is the best method.  Unfortunately, for me, I find finger-flossing too difficult to do.

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