Cut out the middle man selling web hosting

We all like to save money.  We all like to buy things cheap.  So, why don’t we just cut out the middle man and buy direct?

I often questioned if there is an actual office and database located in the same country.  For example, a web hosting company could be using a local office as a shell for India, China, or some other cheap labor country.  If you visit the actual office, you may actually see just one person reading a book and getting paid.

All the support is either online and/or a 1-800 telephone number.  There is no actual walk-in office.  Therefore, could it be that when we buy a domain name locally, it is actually being hosted, operated and run elsewhere?  Any country can host a dot com name.  Your domain name could be hosted in a server in India for all you know.

In any case, I did a India Google search and picked out what seems like a reputable hosting company in India.  I also did a conversion of the Rupee to Canadian Dollar.  This is the result.  $2.25 a month Canadian for a month of hosting.  Pretty darn cheap.  I am pretty sure they take Mastercard and Visa too.

500MB Total Disk Space
10 Email Accounts
2 Sub Domains
10GB Transfer/Mo.
1 Domain Hosting
2 My SQL Database
5 FTP Accounts

Currency Conversion Results

Symbol Indian Rupee Exchange
Canadian Dollar Bid Ask
INRCAD=X 89 Nov 27 0.02500 2.22468 0.02500 0.02502

In the end, it is all about what do we want.  Do we want to support the locals or not.  Being cheap is one thing, but do we really want to have outsourcing become a normal part of everyday life?  Cost is always a factor.  Factories are moving out, but do we, the people, have to follow?

Like I said above, how do we know that the local domain host is situated in the same country?  We do not know.  Therefore, I ask again should we cut out the middle man and buy direct?

You will have to decide for yourself.  A tough question that will have to be answered.

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