Using R4, M3 and others

I have found free software that can convert various video and/or audio formats into a format that is playable on a DS or other portables.  This program is called super and can be downloaded here.

It seems that SUPER does not convert movies to a format that a Nintendo DS can use.  Therefore, I will give you another.  BatchDPG is a program that will convert any video to a format that a Nintendo DS can use.  A search for BatchDPG on Google will give you many sites with a version that you can download.

The software required to get many of these Nintendo DS adapters to work can be found here.  The two main download sites are and

There are many homebrew applications and games available for download.  These are all legal to use on these carts.  The list of legal homebrew applications can be found here.

The ones that I use frequently are PDAS and DSOrganize. I used to have a Palm, but I switched to this.  I had to make a decision between the Palm TX or a NintendoDS.  I chose the DS.  The DS does not work exactly like a Palm TX, but it is pretty close.

Furthermore, you can also run a version of Linux on it.  You can get DSLinux which can be downloaded here.  Create a directory called NDS in the root of the SD micro card, and put dslinux.nds into the NDS folder.  You can also use the other method.  Download the dslinux-dldi.tgz file instead.  You have to place the linux directory and the nds file in the root of the SD micro card.  This tgz file can be extracted using 7-zip which can be downloaded here.

I purchased this card from   The card arrived within one week of placing my order.  The card is legal, but using it to play pirated games and/or software is not.

Many people choose to use it for downloading Nintendo licensed games, but this is illegal.  The following article talks about Nintendo’s fight with these adapters.  Nintendo’s lawsuit in Japan against the R4, M3 and others because they are illegal.

I will not discuss using the adapters to download or use illegal software for the obvious reasons.  It is not very hard to find, but some “ROM dumps” are corrupted.  It could be that Nintendo and their affiliates are putting bad copies online to deter piracy, or the people ripping the software are not doing it properly.  In any case, if you decide that you still want to search and download an illegal copy, do this at your own risk.

DS Organize’s web browser, and the DSLinux’s web browser, retawq, crashes when surfing the Internet.  The reason they crash is simple.  They both need additional RAM to surf the Internet. The Rumble RAM pack does not have any available RAM.  It does say it has RAM, but apparently, the RAM is on the GBA Expansion Pack as told on DSLinux’s website here.  I can vouch that this is true.  I can surf a few pages before it crashes with the Rumble RAM pack.  The GBA Expansion Pack does not cause my DSLinux to crash while surfing the Internet.  Therefore, use the GBA Expansion Pack when surfing the Internet.  The “M3 DS Real GBA Expansion Pack (NOT Rumble RAM pack) contains 32MB of onboard RAM” as written on the DSLinux’s website.

I prefer to use my desktop to surf the Internet.  The DS is too small and takes too long to do anything useful.  I was chatting on Messenger using DSLinux, but it was too difficult to type.  The keyboard is tiny.

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