The 700 billion bailout plan

From what I have seen from the various stock exchanges, it looks like we have no other choice.  If people have no confidence in the US economy, people will take their money out of the US economy.  I know Americans are fuming over the fact that they will have to foot the bill when the fat cats should be the ones footing the bill.  After all, they are the ones who created this mess, and I am pretty sure that they will not fork out the money to try to fix it either.

The Americans will have to look at the big picture and figure out if there is another alternative.  If the investors pull all of their money out of the US, what will be left?

Job losses will continue to rise and helping the people pay their mortgages will only prolong the inevitable.  Their houses will be foreclosed.

Something must be done to get business back up and running again.  Something must be done to get investors to put money back into the US economy.

If this bailout plan fails, the US workers will be forced to do any job they can to pay the bills.  Even if that means working for minimum wage.

I am hoping, a miracle happens and the US economy strengthens.  The world’s economy depends on it.

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