Staples extended warranty (part 2)

submitted a question to Staples customer service online.
This is the response I got.

We appreciate your inquiry concerning this issue,

Yes, this would be part of the product replacement plan available in
staples. Although note that it is based on the depreciated value of the
product. As more time passes the product would cost less and less to
manufacture so the overall value of the machine would be reduced.

We appreciate your patience concerning this matter,

The original question I submitted online to them:

The salesperson at Staples told me that if I bring the printer back within the two year warranty period, I could exchange it for a newer one even if it is not broken.  Is this true? I found this hard to believe.


They did not explain what the depreciated value might be.  My guess is that they would low ball the price to the point that it was not worth the labour to bring it back.  Therefore, when you buy extended insurance, you will now know what to expect.

As for other stores such as Future shop, Bestbuy and Office Depot, their policies could be the same.  A friend bought a $1500 TV from Future shop and brought it back within 2 years since it was defective.  Since it was under the extended warranty coverage, the TV was worth $500 at that time.  Therefore, Staples and Future shop are the same.

A Google search for Bestbuy extended warranty and others will provide one will many results.  Therefore, educate yourself before purchasing.  That way one will not be surprised with the end result.

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