Public vs private colleges/universities

There are many private colleges out there, but not all are good.  If anyone asks me if he/she should go to a private or public college/university, I would say go to a public college/university.  The reason is simple.  If a recruiter never heard of the college and/or university, he/she will most likely not hire anyone who graduated from that college and/or university.  Furthermore, many companies do not trust private college and/or universities.

The only reason a person should go to a private college and/or university is if an employer requests that he/she go to that college for further training.

Therefore, save your money and attend a public university and/or college.  If you don’t, you may find that after forking over the cash, the piece of paper given at the end of the program is a piece of garbage.

If you still want to attend a private college, talk to people in the actual field that you want to study and find out if their boss will recognize training from that particular school.  In some cases, private colleges offer programs that public colleges/universities do not offer.  Therefore, a boss may want future employees to attend that particular private institution.

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