GPS – Who needs to drive?

This is something that I do not want to see on the roads.  Can you imagine a 53 foot trailer going down a city street while the driver is sleeping in the back.  The technology is there, but the risks of doing some serious damage is also.  Technology is only as good as the person who developed it.  There will be problems and it only takes one faulty wire, sensor, or part to create a huge problem.

We will always need people driving the cars.  Computers cannot replace drivers in any case.  Too many things can go wrong.  I do minor repairs to power tools and I also install computer hardware as a hobby.  I install computer hardware on my own computer as well as my family and friends, and I have found out that in some cases, hardware and/or software conflicts do arise.  I tried putting two DVD drives on the same cable.  For some odd reason, they would not work.  I moved the jumpers around from master – slave to cable select, but they still did not work.  It seemed to only work with one DVD drive.  There could be many reasons why this is.  It could be that I set the jumpers wrong which is very unlikely, or it could be a hardware issue. In any case, driverless cars is a bad idea.

The article about driverless cars in the future can be found here.

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