Getting ringtones to work on a Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG or others

As of August 8, 2010, I have added a tip on how to reduce bass.  It seems that too much bass muffles the ringtone.

As of December 9, 2009, I have found a way to get amr ringtones to sound better.  Before converting an mp3 music file to a ringtone, you will have to convert the music mp3 file to a mono mp3 file.  This can be done easily using a program called audacity which can be downloaded from  You will also have to download lame which will allow one to save the edited file as a mp3 ringtone.

Unfortunately, it seems that getting dcf or dm music files working on one’s cell phone is not easily done.  Therefore, an alternative has to be found.

It is quite possible that this can work for all Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG or other phones that are able to use amr ringtones.

Now to convert the mp3 music to mono mp3 music:

  1. Open the file that you want to make into mono.  File -> Open…
  2. Split the stereo track by clicking on the down arrow buttonAudacity and clicking on Split stereo track.
  3. Now the tracks will be split in two.  For both, change the stereo to mono by clicking on the down arrow buttonAudacity and clicking on mono.  This must be done for both the left and right tracks.
  4. Select all by pressing Ctrl-A or under Edit -> Select in the menu bar.
  5. Under project click on Quick mix.
  6. Under Effect -> Amplify, change the Amplification (dB) to 10.  Click the OK button.  The Amplification (dB) will vary depending on every ringtone.  Too much will muffle the ringtone.
  7. Save the file

If one has done the steps correctly, the mp3 stereo music file is now a mp3 mono music file.  One can now use SUPER to convert the file to an AMR format.  It will most likely be quite loud too.

make AMR

You can use a program called Super to convert the ringtone to AMR format.  It can be found at  For the AMR ringtone, I use AMR Narrow-Band and a bitrate of 12.2.  AMR Wide-Band does not work on Sony Ericsson phones, but it may work on the Nokia, Samsung or others.  Therefore, try AMR Wide-Band first.  The quality is better than Narrow-Band if it works on one’s phone.  Furthermore, setting the bitrate to the maximum allowed will also increase the ringtone quality.  The default set by SUPER is 7.4 for AMR Narrow-Band and 12.65 for AMR Wide-Band.

Another option is to use Mobile AMR converter which can be downloaded from, but I have not tried this yet.

I am able to connect a Z310a to my computer using the cable supplied with my W300i.  Therefore, I am able to upload ring tones to it.  Therefore, AMR and many other formats were tested.

Reducing Bass

If I remember correctly, the left is Bass while the right is Treble.  Making the line similar to the one shown below will decrease bass and increase treble.  This should make ringtones sound better since the bass is not shaking the tiny speaker.

Although I still have the information below, it is only useful for people who are using older phones.  For the ones that have newer phones, the information above maybe more useful.

I called my cell phone carrier and they told me that ringtones downloaded from their website will not work with my Sony Ericsson W300i.  They told me to call Sony and ask them how to get the ringtone working since Sony blocked ringtones from working.

I called Sony and they told me that my cell phone carrier locked the phone, so that ringtones will not work.

It was obvious that I had to figure out my own way to get ringtones working.  I did some searching and found a program that would allow ringtones to work.  There is a catch.  The ringtone becomes protected and cannot be transfered to other phones.

The program can be found here.  The DRM packager will get an existing music file and convert it into a protected music file.  Ringtones must be converted using this method before using it as a ringtone on many Sony Ericsson phones.

If you purchased the 300i with a box, it should come with this cable.  It allows you to connect your computer to your phone.  It is called the USB cable dcu-60.  Ericssons are the only phones that I have found so far that allow you to connect to your computer using a USB cable.

Some phone carriers disabled the capability of a phone to connect to your computer through Bluetooth or any other wireless method.  Therefore, the only option available is through USB.

If you want another reason to stick with Ericsson, you can download games and stuff to your PC that will work on this phone.  🙂  Talk about an awesome phone.

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