Everything you want or need is free (almost)

In the future, this maybe the case.  People are no longer buying music, movies, software programs, newspapers, etc.  Therefore, how will the companies make money?  Every time something new comes out that can be copied, it often is.

If everything is connected to the Internet, advertisers can take advantage of all the appliances that can connect to it.  If you buy a microwave, advertising banners will stream across the top.  Furthermore, with Wi-Fi, anything with an LCD screen can become an advertising spot.  The advertisers will pay to show their advertising on the hardware.  This would mean reduced prices on the product.

Nintendo DS games at 80% off.  Only catch is that there will be a thin advertising banner streaming the top of the screen.

Music CD’s will have advertising in between tracks.  Movies tickets will be reduced since the advertisers will buy part of the screen for advertising.

There will be critics, but in the end I believe that this may become the medium used to generate income in the far future.

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