Downloading torrents tutorial

Download and install BitComet
Download and install PeerGuardian
Do a search on torrentz

NOTE:  Peerguardian does not work on Windows Vista as of 21 Oct 2008.

BitComet is a tool that will allow you to download torrent files.  When you download a filename.torrent, it will automatically open in BitComet.

PeerGuardian is a tool that will prevent others from seeing who you are.  It is not perfect, but it helps in keeping you anonymous to others.

A tutorial on how to use PeerGuardian2 can be found here.

Torrentz is a search engine similar to Google except that it searches for torrent files.

Before you start, make sure that PeerGuardian is up-to-date with the latest list and running.  I always keep PeerGuardian running on my computer.  I will go through the process of downloading a file from Torrentz.  If you type in Fedora in the box below and press Enter, you will get a list of all the files available for download.

Click on the first file.  In this case, fedora-9-i386-DVD.

Next, you will see a list of sites that host the file.  We will download from  Therefore, click on

Click on the Download this torrent! button.  I will always click on the comments and Thanks tab to see what other have said before downloading this torrent.  It could be that downloading this file is a waste of time.

Make sure the file is going to be opened with BitComet.  Click on the OK button below.

I will leave it up to you to figure out how to use the BitComet software.  It is not that difficult to use.  There are many tutorials available for BitComet.  Just type in bitcomet tutorial in Google and you will get at least 10 different tutorials.

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  1. Great article. I’ve been looking at niche sites recently like which was rubbish! They make you jump through hoops to get an account claiming loads of exclusive content but you can get everything from the main torrent sites like pirate bay. is a total waste of time!

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