Create new Ubuntu menu item as root

The one thing that is missing in the Ubuntu menu is a Windows-like GUI with root access.  This can be created quite easily.  All you need to do is go to System -> Preferences -> Main Menu
From there click on Accessories then the + New Item button.  You will get a popup window.  The following should be filled in

  • Type:  Application
  • Name:  Sudo nautilus
  • Command:  gksu nautilus
  • Comment:  window with root access

Click the OK button then the Close button.  You will now have under Applications -> Accessories -> Sudo nautilus.  This command will open a GUI window with root access.


For those who are wondering what are the important stuff, here is a list of things to remember.

gksu – This tells Ubuntu that this is a GUI program that requires root access, but to ask for the root password using the familiar pop-up window.

Places -> Computer -> File System -> usr -> bin – This directory contains all the programs that you can run.  For example, if you search in the directory, you will see firefox.  That is an executable program.  nautilus is also there.

If you want to you could try adding gksu firefox.  You will be running the firefox browser as root if you use this.

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