Celebrity stories

I often wonder if the stories in the magazines are true.  Could it be that Britney Spears was paid a handsome sum to “act” crazy.  If someone offered me $10000 to act like an idiot, I would seriously consider it.

Magazines and tabloids need stories to fill their pages.  If there is nothing to put, they would have no or little sales.  Therefore, could it be that the stories are fabricated and/or created by paying the celebrities.

The reasoning for my thinking is this.  Survivor and Kid Nation are scripted.  The writers for reality shows are paid less, but they are still writers.  The article can be found here.  Therefore, is there anything on magazines and/or TV that is real besides the news.

Before you go buying another magazine, you should think to yourself if it is real.  If it is real stories, the person in the story can press charges and sue the magazine.  This has happened a few times.

This is not to say that all stories are fabricated.  Pregnant celebrities, and the death of a celebrity are real;  The use of drugs, and the rise and fall of a celebrity could be scripted.

People like to hear gossip.  They pay for gossip.  Let’s make money with gossip, and make the gossip huge to make huge revenues.



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