Staples extended warranty

The salesperson tried to sell me a 2 year warranty coverage on the Samsung printer.  I declined since I never buy warranty coverage unless it is a really large purchase that I know has a track record for breaking down frequently.

He mentioned something that piqued my interest though.  He said, “If before the two years are up you find a better Samsung laser printer in store, you can exchange this one for the better one even if it is not broken.”  It sounded too good to be true.  I can keep this printer for one year and 11 months and bring it back to exchange it with a newer model.  This cannot be right.

I do remember back in the day though when Nike Air shoes were popular.  The kids would wear the shoes for six months.  They would get a needle and puncture the bottom of the shoe.  This would allow the air to escape through the bottom.  They would return the shoes and get another pair free since the shoes were defective.  This worked for a while, but eventually the store changed their policy and only gave a store credit of 50% of the purchase price.

I guess I could have bought the 2 year warranty coverage on the printer.  If Staples did not honor the fact that they one of their sales people said that I can get an exchange for a newer model, I could use other means.  I could, after one year and 11 months, get a screw driver and mangle the insides of the printer.  I could even burn the wires and make it look like a serious defect.  That would be immoral.  I would not do such a thing.  😉

I have found this article that explains why Staples associates will say these things.  The article can be found here

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