Printing tips

I purchased a Samsung CLP-315 color laser printer yesterday. It is a decent printer that does a good job for the $200 I paid. The problems I found so far is that when I print business cards, the picture quality gets progressively worse as it gets to the bottom of the page. You actually have to look at it fairly closely to see the imperfections.  Second, when I print on the back side of the card, the colored pictures on the front flake.  I can see white blotches on the pictures. Third, the printer did not come with a cable to connect to the computer.  I had to go out to a computer store and purchase a USB cable.  I assumed that Samsung would provide one in the box.

There is a solution, but only for the second and third one.  If you are going to have pictures on both sides, make sure one side is black and white.  It seems that the black toner is fused on the page better.  First, print the black and white side.  Then, print the colored side.

As for the problem with the USB cable, get one before you leave.  Unless you have a spare one at home that will connect to this printer.

My cards came out without the colors flaking off.  I am not sure if this is a problem with all inexpensive color laser printers, but I am quite happy with mine.

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