Whether we like it or not, outsourcing will be an alternative that will always be used. For example, if a person wants to have a database of a patient’s information, he/she can store it on a database overseas. A doctor, nurse, patient, or any authorized representative can access that database by logging into www.apatientsrecordshere.com, and he/she will have access to that patient’s information.
Many companies use this type of system and there is no need to house the server in the same building.

If a manager, accountant, secretary, etc. needs to access the database to retrieve information, an IT professional will create views that will allow the user to see the information that they want.  A manager does not want to see the all the details of money going out, and money coming in.  He/she only wants to see if his/her business is making money.  If he/she has any doubts, he/she can look at a more detailed report.  This also holds true for the accountant.  He/she does not want to see the if the business is making money.  He/she just wants to make the books balance.

This is the job of the IT professional.  To make views that will allow each individual user to access the information they want from the database easily and show it in a format that the user can easily understand and use.

The reason I am talking about IT.  I am trying to make a point.  Technology is making it easier for companies to outsource.  If a writer makes a script for an animation and/or cartoon, the script can be emailed to another country to be made into an animation and/or cartoon.  If a nurse scans a patient’s brain using an X-ray machine, he/she can email it to another country to be examined.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Therefore, you may wonder what will not be outsourced.  First, any manufacturing jobs that requires hand-on work, and the cost of shipping would not make it worthwhile.  Second, management jobs may or may not be outsourced.  This is something that will depend on the boss.  He/she could hire a high level manager from another country and fly him/her in to work and back.  Third, any job that requires a person to physically be there to do the job.  In summary, any job where outsourcing is too costly an option, or that requires an actual person to be there will not be outsourced.

No matter how I look at it.  It is futile to try to fight it.  If it is cheaper to do things elsewhere and ship it back, it will be done.  If a computer that is made in Canada costs $2000, and another computer that is exactly the same and is made in Thailand costs $500, I would buy the $500 computer.  For those who think we should make everything in our own country, you should ask yourself if you would be willing to pay more for the same item.  If two identical items are on the shelf, but the one made in you own country costs three times more, would you buy it?  Probably not.  This is the reason why outsourcing is here to stay.

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