Made in China and/or India is a sign of quality?

For those who were not around during those years, Japan was also a sign of cheap, shoddy products.  I was quite surprised about that.  I was not around during that time.  China and India may become the epitome of quality in the near future.  What will this mean for them?  If the prices to manufacture continues to climb, and they product quality standards match Japan, China and India may have to manufacture elsewhere.

Canada and the USA manufactured all their own products back in the day, and we were proud to have ‘Made in Canada’ and ‘Made in the USA’ products on our shelves.  As the competition grew fierce, manufacturers had to find a way to make their products cheaper.  This meant closing factories here and moving them overseas.  There is no stopping this trend.  It is only a matter of time before China and India begins moving their manufacturing to other poorer countries.  This cycle will continue until there is no longer any countries that can manufacture and/or ship products cheaply.

Will this happen?  I cannot predict the future.  I do know for a fact that the world will be very different place when we retire.  I believe that we have to be prepared for anything.  To think ahead and always be ready to take on the challenges ahead of us.

At the age of 10, I got my first computer.  A 286 with a monochrome, black and white, computer monitor.  I was so happy.  I would play games, program in qbasic and visit BBS’s using my 2400 baud modem.  At the age of 13, billboards had the slogan ‘are you on the net yet?  I did not discover the Internet until after highschool graduation.  Now, the Internet is as common as TV.  My children grew up with the Internet and laugh when they hear about the ancient BBS.

Technology is evolving rapidly and we have to keep up.  Constantly learning and picking up new skills.  There is no slowing down.

I know I will have to keep up with the current trends and embrace them.

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