Genetically modified animals – Good or bad

Science helped us grow fruits and vegetables at a much faster rate.  It has also increased the average person’s life span.  It is only a matter of time before they will find ways to grow fruits and vegetables in the desert.  Well, that would be a miracle.

Unfortunately, with the world population increasing every year, we will have to face the fact that sometime in the future, we will not be able to feed everyone.  The earth does not increase in size every year.  We will have to decide how to feed the population.  Should we increase the number of farms to match the population, or increase the yield to feed more people.

This tells us why we must continue to search for answers to the one common problem.  How do you feed a hungry planet that keeps on growing when the yield is still the same.  The scientists have found a solution, and it has been used on our plants.  They are now going to use the same idea on our animals.

Is this the solution to preventing worldwide starvation in the future?  It seems to be at the moment.

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