Ubuntu 8.04 root trash

I figured out the problem with the trash.  I was trying to empty the stuff in the files folder.  There are two folders in the trash.  The other folder needs to be deleted also.

If you want to empty the trash in root, the easiest way is to open a command prompt window and type in sudo nautilus.  Enter the root password, and you will get a window with root access.  You can navigate to the File System/root/.Trash folder.  Be careful when using this window.  You can delete anything with root access.  The root trash could also be in File System/root/.local/share/trash

NOTE:  .Trash is a hidden folder.  In order to view it, you will have to goto View -> Show Hidden Files.  You can also use the Ctrl H shortcut.

When you are done, close the GUI window and type exit at the command prompt.  You may have to type in exit twice to close the command prompt.

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